Company Introduction

After years’ development, Dalicap(built in 1988) has finalized a whole MLCC production system, and can provide most of MLCC sized above 0201. Besides general purpose MLCCs, we are also dedicated to high-Q MLCC. High-Q MLCC is much more high-end, with very high performance on Q factor(higher), ESR/ESL(lower), noise(lower), reliability(higher). For example, the Q factor can be more than 10,000 and temperature coefficient is 0+/- 30 ppm/℃, which insure the customized technical requirements. For more information, please contact us.

Microwave High-Q MLCC

RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC

Product Reliability

  • State of the art electro-plating eliminates caustic chemical intrusion, which eliminates cracking due to out-gassing.
  • Automated dicing of green state ceramic blocks minimizes chip outs and cracking
  • Dense ceramic microstructure minimizes voids and ensures robust performance under voltage stress
  • State of the art screen printing produces thick and continuous electrodes, decreasing ESR and minimizing discontinuities
  • Lead attach is done in a 10 zone, nitrogen controlled Reflow ovens, preventing oxidation and ensuring reliable solder joints
  • 100% Automated Sonoscan (CSAM) Inspection on all case sizes 2225 and larger; screens out electrically undetectable internal defects such as voids, cracks, delaminations or electrode dis-continuities.
  • Performed on AQL basis for all sizes.
  • 100% High Voltage Partial Discharge Testing on all leaded 2225 and larger case size capacitors
  • 100 HR burn in on all leaded 1111 and larger case size capacitors and assemblies ensures reliability