1111 RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC
April 9, 2019
3838 RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC
April 9, 2019

2225 RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC

High-Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, High-Q MLCC, MLCC, Ceramic capacitor, Microstrip MLCC, non-magnetic MLCC
High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance
Capacitance min. 0.5pF and max. 2700 pF, functionally applied in tuning, bypass, coupling, feedback, D.C. blocking, and impedance Matching. Typical circuit applications: UHF/microwave RF power amplifier, mixers, oscillator, low noise amplifier,filter network,  timing circuit, and delay lines.Typical applicaiton field: wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base station, GPS portable, MRI COIL,radar
Horizontal/vertical taping
Inventory 1 week, new production 6 weeks.
500,000 pieces/months
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