April 9, 2019
0805 RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC
April 9, 2019


High Q MLCC Manufacturers and Suppliers

Dalicap is ranked among one of the top producers of High Q MLCC suppliers. To make ourselves reliable as a high-quality Multi-layer ceramic capacitor supplier, we have our sturdy production system. Through this system, we produce capacitors for our various corporate clients. The system makes sure that we manufacture authentic MLCCs.

Our MLCCs are of tremendous benefits, which is exceptionally efficient for high-end use. Our ‘Q’ factor can bear -30 ppm per degree Celsius of co-efficient of temperature. Such extreme temperature endurance ensures international technical requirements.

Besides High Q MLCCs, Dalicap Tech Corporation limited offers essential purpose capacitors. We have a competitive edge because of our High Q MLCC can give an ultra-stable performance.

We started our operations back in 1988. Our selfless devotion towards our customers makes us one of a kind as High Q MLCC supplier in China.  Our capacitors provide extreme reliability, and our quality service delivery makes Dalicap, a name to trust.

Following are the factors that enhance our reliability as a High Q MLCC manufactures:

Firstly, Lead attach is done around in a 10 zone, preventing oxidation, nitrogen controlled Reflow ovens, and reliable solder joints. Also, latest screen printing makes continuous and thick electrodes. The adhesive electrodes help to decrease ESR and minimize discontinuities.

Further, dense ceramic microstructure reduces voids. The voids ensure vigorous performance under stress of voltage. Similarly, mechanical dicing of green state blocks of ceramic lessens cracking and chip outs. In addition, our state-of-the-art electroplating brushes out caustic chemical intrusion eliminates cracking caused by out-gassing. Test of 100 per cent high voltage partial discharge on all the more substantial size capacitors.

For High Q MLCC manufactures, we use and mix fine granules of paraelectric and ferroelectric materials. Sometimes, we produce microwave MLCC by layering the mix with metal contacts.

Best High Q MLCC Supplier in China

We make MLCCs that consist of 500 layers and above. The thickness of one layer is approximately 0.5 microns. Since the manufacturing technology is getting better, we will be able to decrease the width by procuring high achievable capacitances for the same volume.

MLCCs generally have high frequency up to a considerable extent. Therefore, it is widely used in preventing noise, using the decoupling process. Similarly, the capacitor performs the function of a trouble-free operator for numerous power supplies. Also, a capacitor such as MLCC is used extensively for couplings, circuits and bypasses.

We take proud on our production system, as it continues to research and develop. For research and development as well as production, we have the services of qualified staff. They work 24/7 to innovate means to make manufacturing process efficient.

As we face severe competition from High Q MLCC suppliers, we also offer resistors to the customers. Our high-quality resistors keep us separate from other players in the market. So, if you are in search of authentic High Q MLCC supplier in China, you have landed on the right page.

High-Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, High-Q MLCC, MLCC, Ceramic capacitor, non-magnetic MLCC
High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance
Capacitance min. 0.1pF and max. 1,000 pF, functionally applied in tuning, bypass, coupling, feedback, D.C. blocking, and impedance Matching. Typical circuit applications: UHF/microwave RF power amplifier, mixers, oscillator, low noise amplifier,filter network,  timing circuit, and delay lines.Typical applicaiton field: wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base station, GPS portable, MRI COIL,radar
Horizontal/vertical taping
Inventory 1 week, new production 6 weeks.
1,000,000 pieces/months
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