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April 9, 2019
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April 9, 2019


MLCC manufacturer in China

Dalicap Tech Corporation Limited has been operating in the market as the best MLCC supplier, since 1988. We are, arguably, the only capacitor manufacturing company who has developed a whole MLCC production system. Due to the system, we are rated among the top China MLCC suppliers.

We proclaim ourselves as the prominent MLCC manufacturer in China. The reason is our relentless dedication towards the customers for over three decades. Our high-class products with quality service delivery make Dalicap a reliable MLCC brand. Our clientele includes various corporate companies from small to large scale.

MLCC or ceramic capacitors use a ceramic material as a dielectric. For the manufacturing of capacitors, ceramics were one of the first materials. Ceramics are an excellent insulator. Multi-layer Ceramics Capacitor (MLCC) is one of the types of ceramics capacitor. MLCCs are considered as one of the most manufactured capacitors. Almost 1000 billion devices are made per year through MLCC.

MLCCs are made by precisely mixing the fine ground granules of ferroelectric and paraelectric materials. Alternatively, they are manufactured by layering the mix with metal contacts. After the completion of layering, the device is exposed to a high temperature, and the mixture is sintered. RF MLCC comprise of more than 500 layers, with the least layer thickness of 0.5 microns approx. With the technological advancement, the width is getting decreased with high achievable capacitances for a similar volume.

Best China MLCC Suppliers and Manufacturers

Since MLCCs are the most produced capacitors in the electronics sector, they certainly provide numerous applications. MLCCs are used in printed circuit boards together with applications with high-density. They are comparable to the physical volume of a grain of sand. They are also used in DC-DC converters.

Some more applications include digital appliances, personal computers, Smartphone, and others. Due to tremendous high frequency, MLCC is extensively used to prevent noise via the decoupling process. Prevention of noise also indicates great functionality for noise absorption. Similarly, this particular type of capacitor acts as a smooth operator for different power supplies and widely useful for filter circuits, couplings, and bypasses. MLCC can be used as a capacitor for general purpose. Since ceramic capacitor is non-polarized and are accessible in large variations of voltage ratings, capacitances and sizes.

Apart from various uses and advantages, our production system always continues to research and develop. We have the luxury of qualified and experienced working staff. They keep finding different innovative means to make Dalicap more efficient.

In spite of being the best MLCC supplier, we also provide different kinds of resistors to our customers. To know more about our products, visit our “Products” tab. So, if you are in search of the one-stop-shop among innumerable China MLCC suppliers, you have landed on the right page.

High-Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, High-Q MLCC, MLCC, Ceramic capacitor, Microstrip MLCC, non-magnetic MLCC
High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance
Capacitance min. 1.0pF and max. 6800 pF, functionally applied in the field: Radar, Aerospace,Satellite etc..
Horizontal/vertical taping
Inventory 1 week, new production 6 weeks.
100,000 pieces/months
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