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April 9, 2019
Resistors Supplier in China
130130 RF/Microwave High-Q MLCC
April 9, 2019


China Resistors Supplier

Dalipac is accepted as one of the top resistors supplier in China. We started back in 1988 with an objective of serving our customers to the core. Right through the past three decades, we managed to design a state-of-the-art production system. This production mechanism makes us the best China resistors supplier.

We offer various types of resistors for the electronics constructors. Our resistors range from surface mount chip resistors to large wire-wound power resistors. Most kinds of resistors are linear equipment which produces a voltage drop across them, whenever the electric current flows through them. Dalipac’s resistors can be used in a variety of applications. The conditions include high voltage, high current, high stability, etc.

In general terms, characteristics associated with resistors are; Reliability, Physical size, Temperature rating, Frequency response and Temperature coefficient. We also provide modern fixed value resistors. These resistors can be categorized into four groups: Carbon composition resistor, Cermet or Film resistor, Wire-wound resistor and Semi-conductor resistor.

Quality Resistors Supplier in China

Carbon composition resistor is made up of graphite paste or dust. They have low wattage properties. Film resistor comprises conductive metal oxide paste, having low wattage values. Moreover, wire-wound resistors are structured as metallic bodies for heat sink mounting, carrying high wattage rating. Lastly, a semiconductor resistor has a high surface-mount thin-film technology.

In most projects, tolerance of resistors matters a lot. Therefore, we manufacture our resistors, keeping in view this value. Our resistors’ tolerance ranges from 20 percent to a fraction of 1 percent.

We offer our customers the standard power rating, which ranges from 1/16th of a watt to 300 watts. Our power rating stands us out as prominent China resistors supplier. Efforts of our qualified and professional staff ensure that we maintain our position in the market as top-notch capacitors and resistors supplier in China. So, if you require a quality resistors producer, you have undoubtedly arrived at the right place.

High-Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, High-Q MLCC, MLCC, Ceramic capacitor, Microstrip MLCC, non-magnetic MLCC
High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance
Capacitance min. 1.0pF and max. 20,000 pF, functionally applied in the field: Radar, Aerospace,Satellite etc..
Horizontal/vertical taping
Inventory 1 week, new production 6 weeks.
100,000 pieces/months
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