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Microwave MLCC
April 9, 2019
High Q MLCC Manufactures
April 9, 2019


RF MLCC Manufacturers

Dalipac is considered as the most reliable organization among RF MLCC manufacturers. To be recognized as a reliable multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) producer, we have developed a robust production system. The production system enables us to manufacture authentic, MLCC products.

We make “High-Q” MLCC, which is excellent for high-end use. Our ‘Q’ factor is capable of bearing the temperature co-efficient of -30 ppm/degree Celsius. Endurance ensures technical requirements.

We also manufacture general purpose capacitors, besides our trademark RF MLCC. Our RF multi-layer capacitor can provide ultra-stable performance. Capacitance with the range from 0.1pF to 68pF, radar, MRI COIL, GPS portable, Mobile base station, Wireless broadcasting equipment, High self-resonance, Low noise and Low ESR/ESL. Functional applications of our RF MLCC include: Bypass, Feedback, Coupling, Blocking, D.C and Impedance matching.

Best RF MLCC Manufacturers in China

Regular circuit applications of Dalicap’s manufactured RF MLCC include: RF power amplification, Mixers, Oscillator, Filter network, Low noise amplifier, Delay lines, and Timing circuit.

To maintain our reliability, we keep 100 percent Automated Sonoscan (CSAM) inspection on all case sizes (2225) and more extensive. The inspection screens out electrically detectable internal damages, for example, cracks, voids, electrode discontinues, or desalination. Besides, we produce capacitors for all sizes on AQL basis.

Our production system helps us to produce error-less products. Our production system comprises of quality assurance department. The department has the mandate to check that no damaged unit gets the OK signal.

Our suppliers also have a considerable contribution to make us the first choice. Because of receiving high-quality raw material, we produce top-notch MLCCs. If you are looking for different reliable and quality RF MLCC manufacturers, Dalipac is surely the one you can trust blindly.

High-Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor, High-Q MLCC, MLCC, Ceramic capacitor, non-magnetic MLCC
High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, ultra-stable performance
Capacitance min. 0.1pF and max. 68 pF, functionally applied in tuning, bypass, coupling, feedback, D.C. blocking, and impedance Matching. Typical circuit applications: UHF/microwave RF power amplifier, mixers, oscillator, low noise amplifier,filter network,  timing circuit, and delay lines.Typical applicaiton field: wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base station, GPS portable, MRI COIL,radar
Horizontal/vertical taping
Inventory 1 week, new production 6 weeks.
1,000,000 pieces/months
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